Creditor’s Corner

Bankruptcy can be an intimidating process. You may have:

  • debts owed to you that threatened by a discharge
  • a foreclosure interrupted and stopped
  • repossessed property you are unsure what to do with
  • a lease or secured car loan under attack
  • uncertain status in a Chapter 13
  • a claim that is being attacked or challenged

Or, even worse, you may find yourself at the wrong end of a lawsuit and being dragged into bankruptcy court as part of an attempt to recover from you monies you have — often properly and legitimately — received from the Debtor pre-filing (called a “preference” action).

I can provide counsel and protection for your accounts and assets. I have extensive experience, both in the tri-state area and, working through local counsels, in bankruptcy courts throughout the country, handling all aspects of creditor representation.

I have represented creditors from all parts of the United States, and from abroad, for services ranging from the relatively simple, such as preparing and filing proofs of claim or obtaining relief from the automatic stay (to enable commencement or continuation of foreclosure or repossession), to complex litigation involving preference and claim defense in large corporate Chapter 11 cases.