Credit Unions

Credit Unions are unique institutions with unique needs.

It’s not easy to be a CU in today’s world. What with banks nipping at your heels, the need to provide ever more advanced services, and the deterioration of the traditional business model undermining your field of membership — all while the NCUA leans on you for more lending but lower losses — it can be a tough world.

The least you deserve is to have someone on your side who understands the needs and demands of a non-profit cooperative — call me crazy, perhaps someone who has at least heard of the Rochdale principles¬† — let alone someone who has worked with dozens of credit unions, from small CDCUs to large multi-state CUs with complex Fields of Membership and associated CUSOs.

I provide a full spectrum of services to CUs, from advice on operations and regulatory issues, including questions regarding the Board, Supervisory Committee and governance, to more common operations support and risk management services, such as bankruptcy, contract reviews, employment law, closings, collections, and a full range of litigation and litigation support services.